• International Workshop on Chronic Pain and Itch: Mechanisms and Circuits

    Join us in Alicante, Spain The International Workshop on Chronic Pain and Itch: Mechanisms and Circuits will be taking place on October 20-22. The aim of this workshop is to provide an update on important developments that have taken place in this field in the last few years, with a focus on cellular and molecular mechanisms of pain and itch in experimental animals models, and the application of novel technologies to decipher the structure and function of neural circuits involved in chronic pain and itch. The ultimate goal is to harness this knowledge into the development of novel therapeutic strategies. The program includes speakers at different stages of their research career, including keynote lectures by some key figures in pain research. There will be three poster sessions with time to present and discuss the findings in a relaxed setting that includes ample gardens and outdoor spaces. The nature of the venue and the structure of the program will facilitate the interaction between participants. Due to current sanitary guidelines, attendance will we restricted to a maximum of 100 participants, strictly selected based on date of registration and payment. We look forward to seeing you in Alicante!

  • We are looking for new postdocs to join our team

    We are currently seeking for exceptional and highly motivated young investigators to apply for the incoming or retaining Junior Leader Fellowships from “la Caixa Foundation”. This is a highly competitive and very prestigious program for young researchers. If you are interested in working in somatosensory research, we offer a dynamic and highly cooperative environment to pursue projects involving multiple techniques: electrophysiology, molecular genetics, molecular biology, behavioural assays. For further details, please contact to Felix Viana ( or Ana Gomis ( You can check the requirements of the candidates at the following linK(s):

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