TRPA1 modulation by Sigma-1 receptor prevents oxaliplatin-induced painful peripheral neuropathy

Aida Marcotti, Jorge Fernández-Trillo, Alejandro González, Marta Vizcaíno-Escoto, Pablo Ros-Arlanzón, Luz Romero, José Miguel Vela, Ana Gomis, Félix Viana, Elvira de la Peña
Brain 146:475-491 doi: 10.1093/brain/awac273.
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Origins of direction selectivity in the primate retina

Yeon Jin Kim, Beth B Peterson, Joanna D Crook, Hannah R Joo, Jiajia Wu, Christian Puller, Farrel R Robinson, Paul D Gamlin, King-Wai Yau, Felix Viana, John B Troy, Robert G Smith, Orin S Packer, Peter B Detwiler, Dennis M Dacey
Nature Communications 13:2862. doi: 10.1038/s41467-022-30405-5 (2022)
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Validation of six commercial antibodies for the detection of heterologous and endogenous TRPM8 ion channel expression

Pablo Hernández-Ortego, Remedios Torres-Montero, Elvira de la Peña, Félix Viana * and Jorge Fernández-Trillo *
J. Mol. Sci. 2022, 23, 16164. (2022)
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The cold-sensing ion channel TRPM8 regulates central and peripheral clockwork and the circadian oscillations of body temperature

Reimúndez A, Fernández-Peña C, Ordás P, Hernández-Ortego P, Gallego R, Morenilla-Palao C, Navarro J, Martín-Cora F, Pardo-Vázquez JL, Schwarz LA, Arce V, Viana F, Señarís R.
Acta Physiol Oct 17:e13896. doi: 10.1111/apha.13896 (2022)
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Generation of hiPSC-derived low threshold mechanoreceptors containing axonal termini resembling bulbous sensory nerve endings and expressing Piezo1 and Piezo2

Shuyong Zhu, Nancy Stanslowsky, Jorge Fernández-Trillo, Tamrat M Mamo, Pengfei Yu, Norman Kalmbach, Birgit Ritter, Reto Eggenschwiler, WernerJD Ouwendijk, David Mzinza, Likai Tan, Andreas Leffler, Michael Spohn, Richard JP Brown, Kai A Kropp, Volkhard Kaever, Teng-Cheong Ha, Pratibha Narayanan, Adam Grundhoff, Reinhold Förster, Axel Schambach, Georges MGM Verjans, Manuela Schmidt, Andreas Kispert, Tobias Cantz, Ana Gomis, Florian Wegner, Abel Viejo-Borbolla
Stem Cell Research S1873-5061(21)00382-2
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Constitutive Phosphorylation as a Key Regulator of TRPM8 Channel Function

Bastián Rivera, Claudio Moreno, Boris Lavanderos, Ji Yeon Hwang, Jorge Fernández-Trillo, Kang-Sik Park, Patricio Orio, Félix Viana, Rodolfo Madrid, María Pertusa.
The Journal of Neuroscience 41:8475-8493 (2021)
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Detecting warm temperatures is a cool kind of thing

Gómez Del Campo A, Viana F
Neuron 106, 112-114 (2020)
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Piezo2 mediates low-threshold mechanically-evoked pain in the cornea

Jorge Fernández-Trillo, Danny Florez-Paz, Almudena Iñigo-Portugués, Omar González-González, Alejandro González, Félix Viana, Carlos Belmonte and Ana Gomis
The Journal of Neuroscience 40:8976-8993 (2020)
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Expression of the cold thermoreceptor TRPM8 in rodent brain thermoregulatory circuits

Ordás Purificación, Hernández Pablo, Vara Hugo, Fernández-Peña Carlos, Reimúndez Alfonso, Morenilla-Palao Cruz, Guadaño-Ferraz Ana, Gomis Ana, Hoon Mark, Viana Félix, Señaris Rosa
Journal of Comparative Neurology DOI. 10.1002/cne.24694 (2019)
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Characterization of TRPC Channels in a Heterologous System Using Calcium Imaging and the Patch-Clamp Technique

de la Peña E, Gomis A
Methods in Molecular Biology. 1987:83-97 (2019)
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The Immunosuppressant Macrolide Tacrolimus Activates Cold-Sensing TRPM8 Channels

Jose Miguel Arcas, Alejandro González, Katharina Gers-Barlag, Omar González-González, Federico Bech, Lusine Demirkhanyan, Eleonora Zakharian, Carlos Belmonte, Ana Gomis, Félix Viana
The Journal of Neuroscience, 39:949-969 (2019)
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Joint nociceptor nerve activity and pain in an animal model of acute gout and its modulation by intra-articular hyaluronan

Aida Marcotti, Ana Miralles, Eduardo Dominguez, Eliseo Pascual, Ana Gomis, Carlos Belmonte, Elvira de la peña
Pain 159:739-748 (2018)
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Morphological and functional changes in TRPM8-expressing corneal cold thermoreceptor neurons during aging and their impact on tearing in mice

Alcalde I, Inigo-Portugues A, Gonzalez-Gonzalez O, Almaraz L, Artime E, Morenilla-Palao C, Gallar J, Viana F, Merayo-Lloves J, Belmonte C
Journal of Comparative Neurology 526:1859-1874.(2018)
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Deletion of the Cold Thermoreceptor TRPM8 Increases Heat Loss and Food Intake Leading to Reduced Body Temperature and Obesity in Mice

Alfonso Reimúndez, Carlos Fernández-Peña, Guillermo García, Rubén Fernández, Purificación Ordás, Rosalía Gallego, Jose L Pardo-Vazquez, Victor Arce, Félix Viana, Rosa Señarís
The Journal of Neuroscience 38:3643-3656 (2018)
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TRPA1 Channels Mediate Human Gingival Fibroblast Response to Phenytoin

López-Gonazález MJ, Luis E, Fajardo O, Meseguer V, Gers-Barlag K, Niñerola S, Viana F
J Dent Res 96:832:839 (2017)
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A critical role for Piezo2 channels in the mechanotransduction of mouse proprioceptive neurons

Florez-Paz D, Bali KK, Kuner R, Gomis A
Scientific Report 17;6:25923 (2016)
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TRPV1 channel modulation by hyaluronan reduces pain

de la Peña E, Gomis A, Ferrer-Montiel A, Belmonte C
Channels 3:81-2 (2016)
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Hyaluronan modulates TRPV1 channel opening reducing peripheral nociceptor activity and pain

Caires R, Luis E, Taberner F, Fernández-Ballester G, Ferrer-Montiel A, Balazs E, Gomis A, Belmonte C and de la Peña E
Nature communications 10.1038/ncomms9095 (2015)
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TRPM8 is a neuronal osmosensor that regulates eye blinking in mice

Quallo T, Vastani N, Horridge E, Gentry C, Parra A, Moss S, Viana F, Belmonte C, Andersson DA, Bevan S
Nature communications 6:7150 (2015)
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G protein-coupled receptor signalling potentiates the osmo-mechanical activation of TRPC5 channels

Imane Jemal, Sergio Soriano, Anna Lucia Conte, Cruz Morenilla and Ana Gomis
Pflugers Arch - Eur J Physiol 466: 1635-46 (2014)
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Ion channel profile of TRPM8 cold receptors reveals a role of TASK-3 potassium channels in thermosensation

Morenilla-Palao C, Luis E, Fernandez-Pena C, Quintero E, Weaver JL, Bayliss DA, Viana F
Cell reports 8:1571-1582 (2014)
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Bidirectional modulation of thermal and chemical sensitivity of TRPM8 channels by the initial region of the N-terminal domain

Pertusa M, Gonzalez A, Hardy P, Madrid R, Viana F
The Journal of biological chemistry 289:21828-21843 (2014)
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TRPA1 channels mediate acute neurogenic inflammation and pain produced by bacterial endotoxins

Meseguer V, Alpiza YA, Luis E, Tajada S, Denlinger B, Fajardo O, Manenschijn JA, Fernández-Peña C, Talavera A, Kichko T, Navia B, Sánchez A, Señarís R, Reeh P, Pérez-García MT, López-López JR, Voets T, Belmonte C, Talavera K, Viana F
Nature Communications; 5:3125. doi: 10.1038/ncomms4125. (2014)
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Blockade of nociceptive sensory afferent activity of the rat knee joint by the bradykinin B2 receptor antagonist fasitibant

Gomis A*, Meini S*, Miralles A, Valenti C, Giuliani S, Belmonte C, Maggi CA
Osteoarth. Cartilage 21:1346-54. (2013)
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Monoacylglycerols activate TRPV1 – a link between phospholipase C and TRPV1

Peter M. Zygmunt, Anna Ermund, Pouya Movahed, David A. Andersson, Charlotte Simonsen, Bo A.G. Jönsson, Bryndis Birnir, Stuart Bevan, Alain Eschalier, Christophe Mallet, Ana Gomis and Edward D. Högestätt
PLoS One 8, e81618-32 (2013)
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Nociceptors: thermal allodynia and thermal pain

Viana F.
Handb Clin Neurol 156:103-119 (2018)
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Mammalian cold TRP channels: impact on thermoregulation and energy homeostasis

Señarís R, Ordás P, Reimúndez A, Viana F
Pflugers Arch 470:761-777 (2018)
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TRPA1 channels: molecular sentinels of cellular stress and tissue damage

Viana F
J Physiol 594:4151-69 (2016)
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Almaraz L, Manenschijn JA, de la Peña E, Viana F.
Handb Exp Pharmacol. 222:547-79. doi: 10.1007/978-3-642-54215-2_22. (2014)
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Heat and cold pain

Viana F. and Voets T.
The Oxford Handbook of the Neurobiology of Pain. John Wood (Ed.) Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780190860509. (2019)
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Transient receptor potential cation cannel subfamily C member 5

Arcas J.M., Gomis A
In: Choi S. (eds) Encyclopedia of Signaling Molecules. Springer Cham. (2018)
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TRP channels and mechanical transduction

Ana Gomis
In: TRP channels in sensory transduction. Madrid, Bacigalupo Eds, Springer-Verlag. Berlin (Germany). P.141-164 (2015).
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Therapeutic effects of sodium hyaluronan derivatives (viscosupplementation) in experimental models of osteoarthritic pain

Gomis A
In: “Pain Models: Translational relevance and Applications”. Editors: Herman O. Handwerker and Lars Arendt-Nielsen. IASP Press. P 247-261. ISBN: 978-0-931092-94-7. (2013)
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